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TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio

159.99€ 139.99€ &envío gratis a Spain
Código de Producto: KF09.015
  • Fabricante: K&F Concept
  • Comprar K&F Concept tm2534t trípode monopie kit de canon nikon cámara reflex profesional 72inches aluminio en línea, envío gratis y 30 días de garantía de devolución.
  • Existencia: Disponible
  • 139.99
  • • 【Querías Tener un Trípode Flexible ?】 El trípode para cámara reflex con una rótula de bola, permite una gran inclinación y ángulo de giro de 360 grados,no preocupe por perder el momento perfecto. Cada pata del trípode tiene cuatro cierres tipo rosca que fijan cada uno de los tramos con facilidad y seguridad.
  • • 【Querías Girar la Columna Central 90° ?】 El trípode cuenta con 2 columnas centrales. El sistema de columna de 90° permite que la columna central se desplace a la posición horizontal. Podemos colocar el trípode en casi cualquier posición trabajando en combinación de la columna a 90° y los 3 ángulos que permiten las patas.
  • • 【Querías Tener un Trípode Estabilidad ?】 Este trípode cuenta zápata rápida que estabiliza la cámara; El trípode para cámara cuenta con un gancho flexible. Estirarse cuando se pesa, y recoger de forma automática y sin peso; el fondo de las patas hecho de la goma, antideslizante y estable
  • • 【Querías Tener un Multifunción Trípode ?】 La pata con revestimiento de espuma se puede desenroscar individualmente para ser un monopié o un bastón.
  • • 【Todos Sirvieron a Ti】 El tripode K&F Concept TM2534T puede servir a tus necesarios. No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros por pregunta de producto o pedido
Trípode portátil y multipropósito
Facilite a los entusiastas de la fotografía realizar tomas panorámicas
fuerte capacidad de carga
Una imagen más perfecta y una excelente capacidad de carga
Cabeza de bola de 1.10"(36 mm)
Las esferas grandes son una fotografía más estable
Capacidad de carga de 17.6 lbs (8kg)
junta de goma y enchufe trasero de seguridad
Fotografía panorámica de 360°
Síntesis panorámica más precisa
Fije el trípode y manténgalo en posición horizontal, luego hágalo girar uniformemente.
El eje central puede invertirse para darle la opción de disparar ángulos
fácil de fotografiar
La altura máxima es 67.52"(171.5cm), la altura máxima del eje medio es 57.68" (146.5cm)
separación de pierna
4.36 lb (1.98 kg) /19.29"(49 cm) de altura plegada
Tubo de aleación de aluminio y magnesio de alta calidad, plegado en 180°, mejor portabilidad
plegable y portátil para llevar


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TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio
Great customer service!!!
amazing customer services, they sent replacement parts for the leg mechanism and more for future incase this ever happens again! Simple fix and plastic part had broken/worn out - very strong and good tripod.... love it!Thank you Zhu for your amazing customer service -Kind regards Chris
TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio
Five Stars
Versatile ...I go everywhere with it in its various set ups
TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio
Versatile upgrade from cheap, store-bought tripods... if you get a good one.
This is a huge upgrade from my old tripod. It's very versatile! Perfect for my needs as an amateur photographer. All moving parts are smooth and solid. I haven't tested it's capability to hold heavy cameras, as I only have a Sony a6300, but I feel it can take anything. I plan on taking this when I travel and it's compact enough to fit in a carry-on. It's definitely not the lightest tripod to fly with, but I can deal with that as I travel fairly light and minimally anyway.I will say that as perfect as the tripod currently is for me, it may vary for you. After reading a few bad reviews, I'll assume quality control isn't the best. And I can confirm that, as this is my second (replacement) tripod. My first had a badly machined baseplate for the pan/ball head. It practically made 360 panning useless since it was crooked. Also, the middle pan/ball of the main shaft felt rigid and grainy compared to the main head up top.Since I was beginning to like the tripod aside from its defects, I decided to contact the seller to see if I can get some replacement parts, rather than ask for a refund/return outright. And the seller was more than helpful! They gave me a whole new tripod, and I didn't even have to return the defective one! Customer Service is great to say the least.I have not used a professional tripod so I have no base of comparison to say this is better or not. But overall, I really like this tripod and hope it'll last.
TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio
This Tripod Has a Lot of Tricks Up It's Sleeve
I've been using this tripod for some time now.... And I can say this is the best tripod I've used! As a professional videographer, I am constantly filming. As a YouTube content creator, I am constantly filming. So there is always a camera either in my hand in in arms reach. And having a camera that close means there is always a tripod right next to it. And sense receiving this this K & F concept tripod.... this has been my go too.I first came across this on my search after yet another competitors tripod broke one me. As I scrolled through Amazon I saw something... something so original I literally said "WOW" out loud. I have never seen a portable tripod... with overhead shooting capabilities! You need that over head shot... You don't want to buy a big, bulks, HEAVY, expensive C-Stand. Or build some crazy rig that you need to attach to your ceiling or home made rig.... Then this is for you!The telescoping section of this tripod is amazing. I've used it to get so many great shots sense I pulled it out of the packaging. In addition to the over head shooting capabilities, with the top section telescoped out you can utilize several points of adjustment and get angles you were never able to previously get. Shot such s flipping the center poll upside down, and getting the super low, while also adjusting out the arm and getting the reach you need.The main ball head is fluid, so you can get some nice smooth pan shots. Slide out that arm once again, utilize that second fluid head, and you get smooth pan and tilt shots at once from a tripod! Every time I go out to shoot, I'm finding new ways to utilize this tripod. Is's got a lot of tricks up it's sleeve. And I'm excited to see what it can do next. K & F Concepts, well done
TM2534T Trípode Monopie Kit de Canon Nikon Cámara Reflex Profesional 72inches Aluminio
Great concept, robust and well designed
First one was faulty, seller replaced with a new one which seems to be fine, great service and correspondence. Very robust and well designed, especially the monopod and the solid feel to the whole thing. Then the legs lock either out , up or down they stay in position, and the fact it can be used on uneven ground is an added bonus especially for landscape works.
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