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K&F Concept TM2515M1 Trípode de aluminio compacto y ligero de 67 pulgadas para Canon, Nikon cámara réflex digital

4.9 57 Opiniones KF09.083
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62.89€ 95.89€ 34% OFF
&envío gratis a Spain
  • Fabricante: K&F Concept
  • K&F Concept Trípode
  • KF09.083
  • Código de Producto: KF09.083
  • 62.89
  • • 【Ligero y Portátil】 Aleación de aluminio y magnesio militar de calidad, resistencia a la corrosión; El trípode pesa solo 3.30 libras, puede reflejarse 180 ° y doblarse a 16.5", es fácil de poner en una mochila o maleta cuando viaja.
  • • 【360° PANORAMA】La cabeza esférica de metal grande de 28 mm proporciona una capacidad de carga de 10 kg, se puede girar 360 grados, lo que ayuda a ampliar el rango de actividad de la cámara réflex digital cuando se toma una fotografía panorámica.
  • • 【Monopod Desmontable】Se puede convertir en un monopie ligero o en un bastón solo para hacer que su fotografía sea más diversa.
  • • 【CONFIGURACIÓN FÁCIL】Pata de tubo de 5 secciones y el diámetro máximo es de 25 mm; La perilla de bloqueo de tipo espiral le permite ajustar la altura de trabajo en segundos; La altura sin columna alcanza 51 '' y la altura con columna central de 2 secciones es 67 '', lo que facilita el disparo de pie.
  • • 【Multi-Angle Shooting】Botón de ajuste del ángulo del tubo del pie con cierre automático, solo presione y suelte para ajustar rápidamente el ángulo de apertura y cierre de las tres patas; puede ayudarlo a lograr el disparo con el ángulo más bajo, el disparo macro y otras fotografías especiales a través del eje central invertido.
Trípode de cámara profesional de 67 pulgadas
Compacto y portátil / Panorámica de 360 ​​° / Monopie desmontable
Fácil configuración / Disparo en múltiples ángulos
Toma panorámica de 360 ​​°
Facilite a los entusiastas de la fotografía la realización de fotografías panorámicas
Monopie desmontable de 71,3 pulgadas
Se puede utilizar como cámara monopie o convertir en alpenstock de senderismo
Placa de liberación rápida
Toda la aleación de aluminio y magnesio con tecnología forjada.
22 libras (10 kg) de capacidad de carga
28 mm (1,1 ") Las esferas grandes son más estables.
Bloqueo de columna central
Fuerte fuerza de bloqueo
Botón de ajuste de ángulo
Perilla de bloqueo
Fotografía macro
El eje central se puede invertir para darle la opción de ángulos de disparo bajos.
Fácil de disparar
La altura máxima es de 172 cm (67,7 ") y la altura mínima es de 52 cm (20,5")
Fácil de cargar
Tubo hecho de aleación de aluminio y magnesio de alta calidad, puede reflejarse 180 °, mejor portabilidad.
Comentarios (57)
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I bought this as a gift for a friend of mine who is very keen on photography.I recently bought an overhead tripod from the same company and thought it was great.This one is smaller and lighter.My friend is really happy with the tripod. He said he loves how many different ways it can be used to support his camera and that he can't wait to try them all out soon. I will give an update once he as tried it more but so far he says he cannot find any issues with it whatsoever.UPDATE: So he took it to the woods for a test run and absolutely enjoyed the experience. He raved about the foam support for easy carrying on the monopod leg. Never did it feel like he was lugging gear around.The only tiny little niggle he had was with getting used to using screw turn release for the legs rather than latches.Either way it's still 5 stars from a very appreciative gift recipient.
Gifted Gifted Gifted
Sturdy tripod with many options
Only received this today so haven't been in the field with it yet but gave it a thorough examination indoors with my heavy pro type equipment.Appearance is very good and quality seems high at this price point. The ball head has a very fluid smooth movement and panning is very nicely dampened. When all tightened up in position it seems very sturdy with no hint of a wobble.Many adjustments to suit all shooting situations and light enough to carry up to my local mountains for some landscape shots ! A fraction of the price of some branded models but not far behind in quality at all.So far so good !
Sturdy tripod with many options Sturdy tripod with many options
Good functional well made Tripod and Mono Pod
I received this as a Fathers Day present and what a present, this Tripod is far and away better than any other I have used through the years, it is very well made, strong and sturdy exactly what I need as I mostly shoot Macro, it also comes with a very useful Mono Pod that lives inside the centre of the Tripod till its needed I found it to be of the same good build quality and sturdiness as the main Tripod it more then easily held my camera and a long lens I would suggest to the manfacturer that if possible to put the brand name and model on the Mono Pod enabling others to see how good it is. The tripods quick release comes with 2 plates and is very strong and I was confident about it holding an expensive camera. To sum up I can highly reccomend this Tripod for the price paid I am sure it will give many years of quality use.D.H.Livingstone
Good functional well made Tripod and Mono Pod Good functional well made Tripod and Mono Pod
A beautiful-looking travel tripod to replace my entry-level one.
So far this is pretty sturdy and simple to use. The true test will come after setting up and down a quite a few times
A beautiful-looking travel tripod to replace my entry-level one. A beautiful-looking travel tripod to replace my entry-level one.
Easy to transport
It’s a good size that extends to just under 6ft tail. Easy to carry and transport for hiking etc. Attached to my camera bag very well.But expensive however we’ll see if it lasts. Taking it with me next week for a hiking weekend.
Easy to transport

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Para saber cómo instalar la columna central, consulte este video https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
Para saber cómo instalar el sistema de bloqueo de pie, consulte este video https://youtu.be/jZb6Fn6T_u0. 
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