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TM2515T Trípode profesional de 60 pulgadas para cámaras Trípodes horizontales de aluminio Monopié desmontable portátil con bolsa

4.8 145 Opiniones KF09.085
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89.98€ 159.99€ 43% OFF
&envío gratis a Spain
  • Fabricante: K&F Concept
  • Comprar K&F Concept tm2515t trípode profesional de 60 pulgadas para cámaras trípodes horizontales de aluminio monopié desmontable portátil con bolsa en línea, envío gratis y 30 días de garantía de devolución.
  • KF09.085
  • Código de Producto: KF09.085
  • 89.98
  • • 【VERSÁTIL】La columna descentrable te permitirá hacer fotografías y vídeos desde diferentes ángulos. Tomas panorámicas, puntos de vista cenitales perfectos para la fotografía de producto, gastronómica y tomas a ras de suelo ideales para macrofotografía.
  • • 【TAMAÑO】Con tan sólo 56cm cuando está plegado, su transporte es muy fácil. Una vez extendido puede llegar a 170cm, o bien, si lo conviertes en monopié hasta 176cm, lo que es perfecto para lugares donde no está permitido plantar el trípode. El peso total incluyendo la rótula de alta capacidad es de tan sólo 1.65 kg. Peso del artículo 2,3 kilogramos.
  • • 【RÓTULA】Rótula de bola de alta calidad y gran resistencia. Los 36mm de diámetro y su construcción hacen que soporte cargas de hasta 10kg y pueda mantener tu cámara en la posición que desees. Con un movimiento panorámico de 360 grados (con escala de grados señalizados), incluye un nivel de burbuja para alinear con facilidad la cámara.
  • • 【Zapata rápida tipo arca】swiss, componentes resistentes y duraderos, gancho inferior para conseguir aún mayor estabilidad los días de fuerte viento y bolsa de transporte.
  • • 【SERVICIO POST-VENTA】Tienes 30 días para devolver el producto si no quedas satisfecho y una garantía de 365 días. Si tuvieras cualquier problema, ponemos a tu disposición nuestro servicio de atención al cliente donde te ayudaremos en menos de 24 horas.
Trípode de cámara profesional de 60 pulgadas
Columna central transversal / Estabilidad fuerte /
Cabezal de bola de metal compacto y flexible / Monopie desmontable
Rotación horizontal de 360 ​​°
Facilite a los entusiastas de la fotografía la realización de fotografías panorámicas
Monopie desmontable de 69,3 pulgadas
Se puede utilizar como monopie de cámara o convertir en alpenstock de senderismo
Placa de liberación rápida
Toda la aleación de aluminio y magnesio con tecnología forjada.
22 libras (10 kg) de capacidad de carga
28 mm (1,1 ") Las esferas grandes son más estables.
Bloqueo de columna central
Fuerte fuerza de bloqueo
Botón de ajuste de ángulo
Fotografía macro
El eje central se puede invertir para darle la opción de ángulos de disparo bajos.
Fácil de disparar
La altura máxima es de 66,9 "(170 cm) y la altura mínima es de 22,0" (56 cm)
Fácil de cargar
El trípode está hecho de aleación de magnesio y aluminio de alta calidad, se puede doblar 180 ° y pesa 1,69 kg (incluida la panorámica / inclinación).
Comentarios (145)
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Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable
What impresses immediately in thist K&F Concept 60" Tripod is the quality and the attention to detail, beginning in the sturdy carry bag. The 39 cm tripod can open up to 154 cm. You can use the tripod in countless situations, being very versatile for shooting night shots, taking product shots, macro shots at the ground level, and even using for shooting videos. The tripod is sturdy, tight, but if is very windy it has a stand in the center to add some weight. The head have a plate with easy grip screw, is also very versatile and sturdy, making it easy to level the horizon of the camera without moving its paws, especially usefull in video shooting. Note the excellent rubber paws, non-slip and narrow to achieve stability even on dirt terrain.The set have a different short central axis that is easy to change in case you don't need to use the big one that comes assembled.When i need to put my video camera on tripod, as i use a different plate to use in a gimbal, i put a quick release plate as i show in the picture.Great value for money. An excellent tripod especially for travel but also for everyday use.
Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable Amazing quality, Versatile and Affordable
A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence
I’ll start this review with a warning, my reviews are usually pretty long and detailed, but I like to write my reviews in a way that will help other buyers, particularly when buying from relatively unknown or overseas companies.This was my first purchase from this company and I must say that I am genuinely very impressed. It wasn’t strictly a ‘blind’ purchase because I had the good fortune of finding their company stand at this year’s (2019) Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.Whilst there, I had the opportunity to handle and have a play with a few of their different tripods and lens filters. I then left without making a purchase whilst I mulled over what kit I’d like to upgrade.I am a keen amateur photographer and so I have a limited budget for my kit and have been ‘making do’ with a cheap tripod that I’ve had for years, and has been subject to far too many repairs over the years, so I decided that it was time for improvements!I ordered this tripod and it arrived within 2 days and it was really well packaged. Inside the box, I found that the tripod and accessories were contained in a sturdy, but conveniently sized, carry bag with handles. (See photos). The bag contained the tripod with a ball head in a very snazzy, velvety, protective draw string bag. There was also a shoulder strap for the carry bag and a small bag containing adaptors, instructions and an ‘Allen’ key to tighten the tripod legs if necessary.Upon lifting the tripod out of the bag, it immediately feels solid, robust and clearly great quality. In its fully folded position, the tripod is approximately 15” long and fits neatly in the carry bag without a struggle! To put the tripod straight to use, you simply pull all 3 legs downwards and the red aluminium locking clips, at the top of each leg, lock the legs in their first position, with the central column fully extended. A simple ¼ turn of the rubber coated central locking nut, by hand, allows the central column to drop into its most stable position.Each of the legs on the tripod have sections which can be quickly and easily extended, and locked into position, by means of a ¼ turn of the rubber coated locking nuts at the top of each section.The red aluminium locking clip, at the top of each leg, can then be used to change the splay of the legs to one of three set positions and beyond. To increase stability, when the legs are extended, the base of the central column has a spring loaded hook fitted that you can hang your camera bag or a weight from for more piece of mind if you need to leave the tripod unattended.I connected the shoe to the base of Nikon D300 (one of my heavier cameras) and the ball head had absolutely no problem supporting it.A couple of twists, by hand, of the various locking screws on the head and I was able to extend the central column before rotating it through 90 degrees (see photos). At this point, and purely for the purposes of this review, I left the centre column in its fully extended position with the camera still fitted to it. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it easily supported the heavy DSLR in this, normally, very unstable position! (see photos).After returning the centre column back to a vertical position, you just need to unscrew, by hand, the base of the centre column to allow it to be replaced upside down so that your camera can be underslung on the tripod. This is absolutely ideal for macro and pet photography and adds further stability with the camera mounted to it.One of my favourite features of this tripod is the ability to quickly remove one of the legs so that it can be used as a monopod!! Anything that means that I can carry less kit with me is always a winner, in my view! To do this, simply unscrew the top of the leg, with the convenient rubber hand grip fitted to it, and attach the centre column or head to it using the provided screw adaptor. This is a quick and easy operation and just as quick and easy to reverse.All in all, I’m absolutely over the moon with this tripod. A lot of thought has clearly gone into its design and it is clearly built to last. Its outstanding quality, and very competitive price, means that this will be just one of many products that I’ll purchase from K&F Concept. I would most definitely recommend this product for photographers, videographers and vloggers alike.
A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence A superb quality tripod/monopod that you can buy with confidence
UPDATE My 4th K&F product
Review uodate!Have this amazing multifunctional tripod for a couple of months and have to admit its very very good! This company had such a great idea of creating such a helpful device! There is no change of quality since I bought this item, works perfectly after 5!months.Really happy with my choice!Hello guys!This is my 4th K&F product, i am in love with this company! So far their products proved me that they are good quality.This tripod in particular is very light, easy to use and STEADY!The reason I bought it is for its transverse feature, I shoot OVERHEAD food videos and its really helpful! Check the pictures. Besides this why to get a monopod when you have K&F? It has rubber grip, easy to mount, very light! I was checking online for similar products with the same features, well at least double price. Think about this.What i like the most about this product? Well, the rotation screws, just simply to use and really functional.I think you can place it anywhere because you can modify the postion of the legs this is why i manage to fit it on the table i am using to film. What you see in the pictures is not actually what I do, I am waiting for my wife to come back from the market with goodies and to start filming. Sorry that I didnt put pictures of the process but its the same thing. I also take pictures of interior, well, used it for a short session like for 30 min and im happy with it, as you can see in the last picture, its amazing how small it can be.Next K&F product I am going to get........a backpack!!!If my review helped you in any way, could you please click on the ‘helpful’ button below? Thank you
UPDATE My 4th K&F product UPDATE My 4th K&F product UPDATE My 4th K&F product UPDATE My 4th K&F product UPDATE My 4th K&F product UPDATE My 4th K&F product
Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots.
Thanks to my friends on youtube, I got recommendation for tripod from K&F. Right after I got it, I had to test it and now I'm using it 5-8 hours every day where I see it amazing. Most important to me is extended horizontal stick, where I can use it for ground shots or shots above certain product. And how small it is when it's assembled, fits everywhere!Now after I tried tripod, I'm sure I will test more from K&F!
Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots. Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots. Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots. Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots. Fits everywhere and perfect for overhead shots.
Get it now! Don't hesitate!
I've had a few different tripods over the years at different price points but this is by far the best!Being a wedding and lifestyle photographer I use it in so many different settings and it doesn't fail! Each leg is individually adjustable meaning no matter the terrain you can make it level and sturdy.I love that all the connectors move so smoothly and the whole kit is incredibly robust and yet very lightweight. It all folds up neatly into the one bag/case that I've shown in the photos.The top arm can extend to a 90 degree angle which is brilliant for taking photos of flat lays etc without the legs of the tripod being in shot.Another little extra that I like is a small spirit level on the top connector just so you can make sure everything is level before you attach your camera.The tripod has a wieght hook underneath for added sturdiness in extreme conditions and one of the legs also detaches to become a monopod!Overall this tripod is an excellent bit of kit and I have been very impressed with every aspect of it especially at under £100!So if you're looking for a reliable and versatile tripod this is the one for you!
Get it now! Don't hesitate! Get it now! Don't hesitate! Get it now! Don't hesitate!

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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Para saber cómo instalar la columna central, consulte este video https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
Para saber cómo instalar el sistema de bloqueo de pie, consulte este video https://youtu.be/jZb6Fn6T_u0. 
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