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M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF

126.99€ 109.99€ &envío gratis a Spain
Código de Producto: KF10.002
  • Fabricante: K&F Concept
  • Comprar K&F Concept m8 micrófono lavalier inalámbrico uhf en línea, envío gratis y 30 días de garantía de devolución.
  • Existencia: Disponible
  • 109.99
  • • 【Con Gran Capacidad Anti-interferencia】 El micrófono para solapa se adapta la banda de frecuencia UHF que contiene una fuerte capacidad anti-inteferencia.Gracias a su CLIP permite un uso muy cómodo y portátil.
  • • 【Con el Sistema de Redución de Ruido】 El micrófono inalámbrico para corbata se aplica el sistema de válvula para controlar ruido, con silencio automático su no hay señal; Además, ultiliza la tecnología WNCR para el control de ruido.
  • • 【Con la Tecnología de Control la Frecuencia Digital】 El micrófono receptor inalámbrico se adapta la tecnología DPLL de control la frecuencia digital, y seis canales predefinidos están disponibles.
  • • 【Con Circuito Complejo Libre】 Más de 4 conjuntos de dispositivos su pueden utilizar de la forma simutaneamente sin interferencia mutua; batería:2 pilas "AA" durante 15-20 horas de operación para el receptor.
  • • 【Con Alta Sensibilidad】 adaptado para el micrófono solapo unidireccional con alta sensibilidad y larga distancia de activación. La distancia de trabajo inalámbrica puede alcanzar hasta 70 metros, adecuado para muchas situaciones de interior y al aire libre.
1157/5000 Micrófono inalámbrico para fotografía y grabación
3.44” (8.74cm)
Distancia de trabajo hasta 70 M sin barrera, ligero y protable
Utilizado en varias ocasiones, como el rodaje de películas y televisión, la recopilación de noticias y rocording, etc. Ligero, conveniente para llevar y uso. Funciona con videocámaras, cámaras DSLR y se monta fácil y rápidamente.
Pantalla de cristal líquido
Pantalla LCD en celosía, alta resolución Muestra la fecha más claramente.
Botón incorporado
Evite el contacto descuidado, evite el funcionamiento incorrecto.
Súper resistencia
Duración de la batería: 15-20 h para batería nueva. (Batería no incluida)
Reducción de ruido
La tecnología de control de ruido WNCR tiene un ruido extremadamente bajo
Distancia de trabajo 70m
La distancia de trabajo inalámbrica puede alcanzar hasta 70 metros, adecuada para una variedad de aplicaciones en interiores y exteriores.
Compuesto antiinterferente
Utilice la banda de frecuencia UHF, se adopta la tecnología de control digital de frecuencia DPLL.
Transmisor M-8T
Receptor M-8R
Clip de micrófono
Cable de conexión
Pinza de cinturón
Conector de tipo de arranque
Zócalo MIC
Se usa para ingresar señales MIC o AUX
Interruptor de alimentación
Zócalo MIC
Función descriptiva
Chanel Control
Control del volumen
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M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF
I’d buy again in a heartbeat
Great sound and easy to use. Good battery life and ease of access to them. Mic is very good also. I’ve recorded from a distance of 60 feet perfectly and I’m sure 100+ feet or more would be fine. Good build and nicely packaged
M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF
How Does this Compare to a World Class Lav Mic by Sennheiser?
As a photographer and filmmaker, I’ve used a good deal of high end audio equipment. I also edit audio and have a scientific training in the phonetics of speech, so I think I’m in a good position to comment on this K&F wallet-friendly lavalier microphone. If you’re in the market for a microphone for video shooting and aren’t really sure what you need, there are other solutions which might be more suited to your particular needs. For example, if you’re shooting home movies, you might well prefer an on-camera microphone like the Rode VideoMic Pro.I should start by saying that my benchmark lavalier microphone is from the Sennheiser EW series. This is because it delivers outstanding wireless capability and crystalline audio. Having already access to the Sennheiser and their formidable HD800 headphones for audio monitoring in the studio, you might be wondering why on earth I bought this budget lav mic?Well, a number of reasons. First, this K&F was for a project being run by my wife who is a keen filmmaker but doesn’t need world class audio to satisfy clients. Second, the Sennheiser is not cheap but this K&F is, so I was curious. Third, I’ve had good experience with a beautifully constructed camera backpack made by K&F and wanted to know if their other stuff was any good.So how does this K&F mic fare? Well, my wife and I agree that it does a very good job and is fantastic value for money. The sound I’ve managed to get out of it has been, I must say, surprisingly good. Although it does not compare to the stellar quality of the Sennheiser, knowing what I know about how our brains process sound, I doubt that most people would notice the difference in recording quality for ordinary home filmmaking.I edited my files in Logic Pro (and other apps) and the K&F was able to deliver files which cleaned up an absolute treat. Outside, as with most microphones, be sure to use a furry windshield, which will reduce wind noise. One recording I took was in a room with excellent acoustic damping and in this sort of situation when you might be talking to camera in your office space, the mic produced sparkling results. My wife (who has especially good hearing) listened to the K&F files in a blind non-scientific AB test with the Sennheiser and knew the difference immediately but also argued that most people would be thrilled with how good the K&F audio files are, especially after they are polished in editing software.If you need a lav mic for broadcast use, you won’t be shopping for this anyway but I would still encourage you to take a look at it as a solid backup for other creative projects. But if you need a budget friendly lavalier microphone which records very good audio files, this is highly recommended. One final note: the build quality is good. I've attached pictures showing the product close up.
M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF
This is a great fantastic product that i have had no issues with ...
This is a great fantastic product that i have had no issues with yet. The item that i received also had a lavalier that could be connected to a person's collar or shirt and then the device could be clipped at the back pant or pocket the cord that came with the lavalier is easily long enough for this. I bought mine back in September. Not sure why the picture doesn't include the lavalier cord but just a small little mic thingy which i think is much less practical then the lavalier. Hopefully the lavalier with the cord still comes with the product as i would like to purchase another set.
M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF
Five Stars
Amazing product and amazing support, thank you so much!
M8 Micrófono Lavalier Inalámbrico UHF
Very happy with the sturdy construction and packaging of this product
Very happy with the sturdy construction and packaging of this product. Had to play with the mic volume level to get it set right bit picks up voice nicely. No trouble linking the two together, haven't done a range test yet, quite clear from 30'. I would say this product is quite reasonably priced and worth the money.
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